breaking free part 4

An acorn dropped like a wooden ball on the sidewalk reminding me that time was passing, my wounds should be healing. But I felt bitter there on that old bench, hating her, hating everyone. My mind was cold now, like love itself jumped out of me and ran away. I was truly, completely abandoned, and I didn’t care anymore. How could I free myself from that place? Swim away with the turtles? Water the flowers with my blood and bury myself in the park? Fly off the highest rooftop like an eagle? What kind of plans were these? It was either that or ring the bell at Dr B’s. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dr. B would come outside and look for me? Wouldn’t it be nice if I was worth talking to for free? I wanted acceptance. I wanted an apology. The sun that brought me there was fading fast. My heart felt cold and a great shadow appeared over me. Hatred came and held my hand, I got up, and together we walked slowly back to the IOMMHQ. I had to face him. Or her.


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reading for inspiration, writing for release

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