breaking free part 5

We walked back

Slowly, cautiously, quietly, and not looking at anyone, we made our way back and slipped through the window. The room had always been quiet, but now it even felt quiet. Nothing moved, or swayed. It was as if all the energy and vibrations within everything had stopped. The bed was warm and crisp and dead. I sat on the edge of it and looked at the floor , no longer transparent, no longer inviting me to fall through a thousand feet to the water below. Everything was solid now, and dry. Peaceful. I couldn’t feel anyone, there were no energies flowing through me, nothing coming in or going out. I felt solid. Dry. And I felt independent, brave, without need.

I looked at the door leading out into the halls of the IOMMHQ, it was still closed, locked tight. I stared at the lock on the door for a long time.

And I stayed there. Without want.


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reading for inspiration, writing for release

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