breaking free part 7

After the rains, the wind came.

I heard it. I felt it inside my room, in my body, even though it only was happening outside. The lights flickered and the whole IOMM was pitching again. And I heard the creaking of the masts and the old ropes. Invisible ropes, sometimes dusty and dry- the rains gave them renewal, strength- I knew this as the winds came. There was a faith being challenged- a disruptive force, exciting! Outside yet inside too! I felt the wind come, a rousingly, beckoning, tugging me out of that old bed. Yes! I’ll go with you! We held hands as the walls shook and doors rattled, openings appeared with light breaking through. We ran outside letting the wind pull us, carrying us in a gust, blowing us where it may- wildly wide open. Vulnerable yet unafraid. I heard voices. Riding on the wind. Into the light we went!


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reading for inspiration, writing for release

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