Book Review:   A Prison Without Walls, by Kelly Bristow

As they’re manipulated by dominant partners, countless people become totally dependent on their abusers and lose confidence in themselves and their abilities. Anxiety takes over as their beliefs are eroded over time. They become stuck. 

A Prison Without Walls, by Kelly Bristow, follows Jenny as she experiences the trauma of living with an abusive partner. 

Bristow’s authoritative ability to capture the dramatic horrors of both mental and physical abuse is a clear indication that she is a survivor.

     I felt the tears well up again, I was in total despair now. “Oh God please help me!…Someone please, anyone…..” My voice trailed as the tears stung my eyes and trickled down my cheeks. I can’t take it anymore, I pushed all the tablets out of the packet ferociously, my hands moving rapidly as they popped out, it was urgent now, I had to finish this misery. I want out! 

Sadly, the way out for so many is suicide, or murder, but there is hope and help for people like Jenny. Read the book to find out if she finds the help, she so desperately needs, in time!

Please remember, the silent victims far outnumber the ones you hear about. Are you or someone you care about, living in A Prison Without Walls? 

I’m sharing this book because the story is close to my heart, and raising awareness about domestic abuse and violence is so important. 

Bristow’s book will empower victims to reach out and encourage others to reach in, to help those who are stuck, find a way out. Please read. Please share.  

-W. H.

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